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The People Friendly PC Users Group

The purpose of our computer club, known as COMPUTERBUGS, is to enhance the use and enjoyment of computers.  Members share computer skills, and the club provides information of interest to our members.  COMPUTERBUGS offers a means to meet new people, to make new friends, and to socialize with people with common interests.

Each meeting addresses questions and answers submitted by members, covering all aspects of computer usage.  We learn from one another in the interchange of questions and answers.  We also have presentations on a giant projection screen.  The meetings periodically feature club or outside speakers, and they may cover special topics and any club business.

Read your on-line "Bug-Bytes" newsletter.  Articles include: Hardware & Software Reviews, Computer maintenance tips, How to manage your data, Search your Computer and many other facts and tips.

For more information members can subscribe to our ListServer to get their technical questions answered via e-mail by one or more subscribers of the service.

Meetings are held twice monthly, on Wednesday mornings, at Bethany Presbyterian Church, 741 NW 4th Street, Grants Pass. Refer to the meeting schedule, posted on this web site, for exact dates and times.

COMPUTERBUGS is a volunteer, non-profit corporation chartered in the State of Oregon.
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